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Research Papers

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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
44 Jinil Han, Jongyoon Park, Kyungsik Lee Optimal Scheduling for Electric Vehicle Charging under Variable Maximum Charging Power Energies 10,7(2017) (2017)
43 Kwon, Heeyeul ; Kim, Jieun ; Park, Yongtae Applying LSA text mining technique in envisioning social impacts of emerging technologies: The case of drone technology Technovation 60-61(2017) (2017)
42 Hwang, Gyusun ; Lee, Jeongcheol ; Park, Jinwoo ; Chang, Tai-Woo Developing performance measurement system for Internet of Things and smart factory environment International Journal of Production Research 55,9(2017) (2017)
41 Kang, Seokho ; Kim, Eunji ; Shim, Jaewoong ; Cho, Sungzoon ; Chang, Wonsang ; Ki Mining the relationship between production and customer service data for failure analysis of industrial products Computers and Industrial Engineering 106(2017) (2017)
40 Lee, Minhyuk ; Song, Jae Wook ; Park, Ji Hwan ; Chang, Woojin Asymmetric multi-fractality in the U.S. stock indices using index-based model of A-MFDFA Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 97(2017) (2017)
39 Abdallah Jamal Dweekat, Gyusun Hwang and Jinwoo Park A Supply Chain Performance Measurement Approach Using the Internet of Things:Toward More Practical SCPMS Industrial Management and Data Systems 117,2(2017) (2017)
38 Park, Kyungchul ; Lee, Kyungsik Distribution-robust loss-averse optimization Optimization Letters 11,1(2017) (2017)
37 Hur, Minhoe; Kang, Pilsung; Cho, Sungzoon Box-office forecasting based on sentiments of movie reviews and independent subspace method Information Sciences 372(2016) (2016)
36 Kim, Yeonkook J.; Baik, Bok; Cho, Sungzoon Detecting financial misstatements with fraud intention using multi-class cost-sensitive learning Expert Systems with Applications 62(2016) (2016)
35 Ilkyeong Moon ; Yoon Jea Jeong ; Subrata Saha Fuzzy Bi-objective Production-Distribution Planning Problem under the Carbon Emission Constraint  Sustainability 8,8(2016) (2016)