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Research Papers

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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
131 Younghoon Lee, Seokmin Song, Sungzoon Cho, Jinhae Choi Document representation based on probabilistic word clustering in customer-voice classification Pattern Analysis and Application 22(1) (2019)
130 송정윤, 장우진, 송재욱 Cluster analysis on the structure of the cryptocurrency market via Bitcoin–Ethereum filtering PHYSICA-A 527 (2019)
129 조풍진, 장우진, 송재욱 Application of instance-based entropy fuzzy support vector machine in peer-to-peer lending investment decision IEEE ACCESS 7 (2019)
128 박새롬, 이재욱, 김경옥 Semi-supervised distributed representations of documents for sentiment analysis Neural Networks 119 (2019)
127 박새롬, 이우진, 이재욱 Learning of indiscriminate distributions of document embeddings for domain adaptation Intelligent Data Analysis 23(4) (2019)
126 고형진, 이재욱, 변준영, 손범호, 박새롬 Loss-Driven Adversarial Ensemble Deep Learning for On-Line Time Series Analysis Sustainability 11(2) (2019)
125 장희수, 이재욱 Generative Bayesian neural network model for risk-neutral pricing of American index options Quantitative Finance 19(4) (2019)
124 장희수, 이재욱 Machine learning versus econometric jump models in predictability and domain adaptability of index options Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 513 (2019)
123 Minhyuk Sur, Deok-Joo Lee, Kyung-Taek Kim Optimal revenue sharing in platform markets: a Stackelberg model Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 18(4) (2019)
122 Saedaseul Moon, Deok-Joo Lee An optimal electric vehicle investment model for consumers using total cost of ownership; A real option approach Applied Energy 253 (2019)