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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
14 김지은,박용태,이성주 A visual context-based market analysis of mobile application services, Management Decision Management Decision 54(9) (2016)
13 김지은,박용태,이영조 A visual scanning of potential disruptive signals for technology roadmapping: Investigating keyword cluster, intensity, and relationship in futuristic data Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 28(10) (2016)
12 강대국,박용태,장우석 Evaluation of e-commerce websites using fuzzy hierarchical TOPSIS based on E-S-QUAL Applied Soft Computing 42 (2016)
11 배희철,문일경 Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows considering Delivery and Installation Vehicles Applied Mathematical Modelling 40(13-14) (2016)
10 문일경,Subrata Saha,유동균 The Distribution-free Newsboy Problem with Multiple Discounts and Upgrades  Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2016(2016) (2016)
9 문일경,Subrata Saha,정윤제 Fuzzy Bi-objective Production-Distribution Planning Problem under the Carbon Emission Constraint  Sustainability 8(8) (2016)
8 Subrata Saha,문일경,Izabela Nielsen Optimal retailer investments in green operations and preservation technology for deteriorating items Journal of Cleaner Production 140(3) (2017)
7 Feng Xuehao,문일경,류광열 Supply Chain Coordination under Budget Constraints Computers and Industrial Engineering 88 (2015)
6 문일경, Feng Xuehao, 류광열 Channel Coordination for Multi-stage Supply Chains with Revenue-sharing Contracts under Budget Constraints International Journal of Production Research 53(16) (2015)
5 Biswajit Sarkara,문일경,Kripasindhu Chaudhurib Manufacturing Setup Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement for the Distribution Free Continuous-review Inventory Model with a Service Level Constraint Journal of Manufacturing Systems 34(1) (2014)