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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
34 Ye Lim Rhie, Yong Min Kim, Myonghwan Ahn, Myung Hwan Yun Design specifications for Multi-Function Consoles for use in submarines using anthropometric data of South Koreans International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 59 (2017)
33 Xuehao Feng, Yuna Lee, Ilkyeong Moon An integer program and a hybrid genetic algorithm for the university timetabling problem Optimization Methods and Software 32(3) 625-649 (2017)
32 배희철 문일경 윤원용 A time-varying lot sizes approach for the economic lot scheduling problem with returns International Journal of Production Research 54(11) (2016)
31 이지환,홍유석 Extraction and visualization of industrial service portfolios by text mining of 10-k annual reports Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal 28(4) (2015)
30 이지환. 홍유석 Business model mining: Analyzing a firm’s business model with text mining of annual report, Industrial Engineering & Management Systems Industrial Engineering & Management Systems 13(4) (2014)
29 홍성필, 김경민, 변근영, 민윤홍 A method to directly derive taste heterogeneity of travellers' route choice in public transport from observed routes Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 95 (2017)
28 김경민, 홍성필, 고석준, 민재홍 Predicting express-train choice of metro passenger from Smart Card data Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 2544 (2016)
27 민윤홍, 김경민, 김경민, 홍성필 Mining missing train logs from Smart Card data Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 63 (2016)
26 홍성필, 김경민, 민윤홍, 박명주, 오석문 Precise estimation of connections of metro passengers from Smart Card data Transportation 43(5) (2015)
25 홍성필, 김경민, 고석준, 김도원 Does crowding affect the path choice of metro passengers? Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 77 (2015)