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Research Papers

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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
91 송재욱,고봉균,장우진 Analyzing systematic risk using non-linear marginal expected shortfall and its minimum spanning tree PHYSICA-A 491 (2018)
90 고봉균, 송재욱, 장우진 Crash forecasting in the Korean stock market based on the log-periodic structure and pattern recognition PHYSICA-A 492 (2018)
89 이민혁, 송재욱, 김선도, 장우진 Asymmetric market efficiency using the index-based symmetric-MFDFA PHYSICA-A 512 (2018)
88 이우진, 이재욱, 박새롬 Instance Weighting Domain Adaptation Using Distance Kernel Industrial Engineering & Management Systems 17(2) (2018)
87 장희수, 이재욱 Generative Bayesian neural network model for risk-neutral pricing of American index options Quantitative Finance 온라인게재 (2018)
86 하정훈, 이우진, 이재욱, 박새롬 Information-Based Boundary Equilibrium Generative Adversarial Networks with Interpretable Representation Learning Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience 2018 (2018)
85 표수진, 이재욱 Exploiting the low-risk anomaly using machine learning to enhance the Black–Litterman framework: Evidence from South Korea Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 51 (2018)
84 장희수, 이재욱 An empirical study on modeling and prediction of bitcoin prices with bayesian neural networks based on blockchain information IEEE Access 6 (2018)
83 손영두, 이수진, 박새롬, 이재욱 Learning representative exemplars using one-class Gaussian process regression Pattern Recognition 74 (2018)
82 Luz Angelica Pirir Avila, Deok-Joo, Lee, Taegu Kim Diffusion and competitive relationship of mobile telephone service in Guatemala: An empirical analysis TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY Telecommunications Policy 42 (2018) (2018)