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Research Papers

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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
61 Ilkyeong Moon, S.P. Sarmah, S. Saha The impact of online sales on centralised and decentralised dual-channel supply chains European Journal of Industrial Engineering 12(1) (2018)
60 Ilkyeong Moon, Kartick Dey, Subrata Saha Strategic inventory: Manufacturer vs. retailer investment TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART E-LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION REVIEW 109 (2018)
59 Duc-Lam Nguyen, Hyungho Byun, Naeon Kim, Chong-Kwon Kim Towards Efficient Dynamic Scheduling Strategy for Cloud IoT Networks International Journal of Distributed Sensor 14(3) (2018)
58 Jonghwan Chung, Junhyun Park, Chong-kwon Kim, Jaehyuk Choi C-SCAN: Wi-Fi Scan Offloading via Collocated Low-Power Radios Internet of Things Journal 5(2) (2018)
57 Seohyang Kim, Chongkwon Kim XMAS: An Efficient Mobile Adaptive Streaming Scheme based on Traffic Shaping Transactions on Multimedia 21(2) (2018)
56 Seohyang Kim, Hayoung Oh, Chongkwon Kim eff-HAS: Achieve Higher Efficiency in Data and Energy Usage on Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Journal of Communications and Networks 20(3) (2018)
55 Cesc Chunseong Park, Byeongchang Kim, Gunhee Kim Toward Personalized Image Captioning via Multimodal Memory Networks IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (Early Access) (2018)
54 Xuehao Feng, Ilkyeong Moon, Kwangyeol Ryu Warehouse Capacity Sharing via Transshipment for an Integrated Two-echelon Supply Chain Transportation Research Part E 104(2017) (2017)
53 Yang, Jiwon ; Lee, Seungkyung ; Kang, Seokho ; Cho, Sungzoon ; Lee, Younghak ; Park, Haesang Ranking Process Parameter Association with Low Yield Wafers Using Spec-out Event Network Analysis Computers in Industrial Engineering 113(2017) (2017)
52 Kim, Han Kyul ; Kim, Hyunjoong ; Cho, Sungzoon Bag-of-Concepts: Comprehending Document Representation through Clustering Words in Distributed Representation Neurocomputing 266(2017) (2017)