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Research Papers

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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
4 Nazim Emre Islamoglu,류광열,문일경 Labour Productivity in Modular Assembly: A Study of Automotive Module Suppliers International Journal of Production Research 52(23) (2016)
3 이정훈,문일경 A Hybrid Hub-and-Spoke Postal Logistics Network with Realistic Restrictions: A Case Study of Korea Post Expert Systems With Applications 41 (2014)
2 배혜림,문일경,이상협 Planning of Business Process Execution in Business Process Management Environments Information Sciences 268(1) (2014)
1 배희철,문일경,윤원영 Economic Lot and Supply Scheduling Problem: A Time-varying Lot Sizes Approach International Journal of Production Research 52(8) (2014)