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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
24 송재욱. 장우진. 고봉균, 조풍진 Time-varying causal network of the Korean financial system PHYSICA-A 458 (2016)
23 고봉균, 장우진, 송재욱 Simulation of financial market via nonlinear Ising model "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF 27(4) (2016)
22 Hyejin Park, Namhyung Kim 이재욱 Parametric models and non-parametric machine learning models for predicting option prices: Empirical comparison study over KOSPI 200 Index options Expert Systems with Applications 41(11) (2014)
21 Kyoungok Kim, 이재욱 Chi-Hyuk Jun Improved churn prediction in telecommunication industry by analyzing a large network Expert Systems with Applications 41(15) (2014)
20 Kyoungok Kim,이재욱 Nonlinear Dynamic Projection for Noise Reduction of Dispersed Manifolds IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE 36(11) (2014)
19 Younhee Lee, 이재욱 Stability of an implicit method to evaluate option prices under local volatility with jumps Applied Numerical Mathematics 87(1) (2015)
18 Kyoungok Kim, Youngdoo Son and Jaewook Lee, 이재욱 Voronoi Cell-Based Clustering Using a Kernel Support IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING 27(4) (2015)
17 한진일,이경식,박성수,이충목,최기석 Robust optimization approach for a chance-constrained binary knapsack problem Mathematical Programming 157(1) (2015)
16 박경철,이경식 Distribution-robust single-period inventory control problem with multiple unreliable suppliers OR Spectrum 38(4) (2016)
15 김지은,박용태,한민탁, 이영조 Futuristic data-driven scenario building: Incorporating text mining and fuzzy association rule mining into fuzzy cognitive map Expert Systems with Applications 57 (2016)