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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
111 Jaeseok Huh, Moon-jung Chae, Jonghun Park, and Kwanho Kim A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Fast Optimization of Travel Routes for Large Scale AS/RSs Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 30(4) (2019)
110 Jaeseok Huh, Jonghun Park, Dongmin Shin, and Yerim Choi A Hierarchical SVM Based Behavior Inference of Human Operators Using a Hybrid Sequence Kernel Sustainability 11(18) (2019)
109 유택범, 박우진 A reach motion generation algorithm based on posture memories Work - a Jouranl of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation 온라인 게제 (2019)
108 백동현, 정재문, 박주희, 박우진 A Study on User Experience of Automotive HUD Systems: Contexts of Information Use and User-Perceived Design Improvement Points International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 35(20) (2019)
107 Dongwook Kim, Kyungsik Lee, & Ilkyeong Moon Stochastic facility location model for drones considering uncertain flight distance Annals of Operations Research 283 (2019)
106 Yohanes Khosiawan, Youngsoo Park, Ilkyeong Moon, Janardhanan Mukund Milakantan, & Izabela Nielsen Task scheduling system for UAV operations in indoor environment NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS 31 (2019)
105 Youngchul Shin, Sungwoo Kim, & Ilkyeong Moon Simultaneous Evacuation and Entrance Planning in Complex Building Based on Dynamic Network Flows APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING 64 (2019)
104 Kartick Dey, Debajyoti Chatterjee, Subrata Saham, & Ilkyeong Moon Dynamic versus static rebates: an investigation on price, displayed stock level, and rebate-induced demand using a hybrid bat algorithm Annals of Operations Research 279(1) (2019)
103 Youngchul Shin, Sungwoo Kim, & Ilkyeong Moon Integrated optimal scheduling of repair crew and relief vehicle after disaster Computers & Operations Research 105 (2019)
102 Ata Allah Taleizadeh, Pooya Pourrezaie Khaligh, & Ilkyeong Moon Hybrid NSGA-II Algorithm for an Imperfect Production System Considering Product Quality and Returns under Two Warranty Policies APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING 75 (2019)