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Research Papers

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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
139 Heewoong Park, Jonghun Park Assessment ofWord-Level Neural Language Models Applied Sciences, 10(4) (2020)
138 Minkyu Kwon, Jihwan Lee, and Yoo S. Hong Product-Service System Business Modelling Methodology Using Morphological Analysis Sutainability 11(5) (2019)
137 Younghoon Lee, Sungzoon cho, and Jinhae Choi App usage prediction for dual display device via two-phase sequence modeling Pervasive and Mobile Computing 58 (2019)
136 Younghoon Lee, Sungzoon Cho, Jinhae Choi Smartphone help contents re-organization considering user specification via conditional GAN International Journal of Human - Computer Studies 129 (2019)
135 Eunji kim, Sungzoon Cho, Byeong eon Lee, Myoungsu Cho Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Self-Attentive Convolutional Neural Networks for Variable-length Sensor Data in Semiconductor Manufacturing IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing 32(3) (2019)
134 Eunji Kim, Jehyuk Lee, Hunsik Shin, Hoseong Yang, Sungzoon Cho, Seung-kwan Nam, Youngmi Song, Jeong- Champion-challenger analysis for credit card fraud detection: hybrid ensemble and deep learning Expert Systems with Applications 128 (2019)
133 Seokho Kang, Dongil Kim*, and Sungzoon Cho Approximate training of one-class support vector machines using expected margin Computers & Industrial Engineering 130 (2019)
132 Hyunjoong Kim; Han Kyul Kim; Misuk Kim; Jooseoung Park; Sungzoon Cho; Keyng Bin Im; Chang Ryeol Ryu Representation learning for unsupervised heterogeneous multivariate time series segmentation and its application Computers & Industrial Engineering 130 (2019)
131 Younghoon Lee, Seokmin Song, Sungzoon Cho, Jinhae Choi Document representation based on probabilistic word clustering in customer-voice classification Pattern Analysis and Application 22(1) (2019)
130 송정윤, 장우진, 송재욱 Cluster analysis on the structure of the cryptocurrency market via Bitcoin–Ethereum filtering PHYSICA-A 527 (2019)