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Research Papers

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No. 저자 제목 학술지명 게재정보
54 Xuehao Feng, Ilkyeong Moon, Kwangyeol Ryu Warehouse Capacity Sharing via Transshipment for an Integrated Two-echelon Supply Chain Transportation Research Part E 104(2017) (2017)
53 Yang, Jiwon ; Lee, Seungkyung ; Kang, Seokho ; Cho, Sungzoon ; Lee, Younghak ; Park, Haesang Ranking Process Parameter Association with Low Yield Wafers Using Spec-out Event Network Analysis Computers in Industrial Engineering 113(2017) (2017)
52 Kim, Han Kyul ; Kim, Hyunjoong ; Cho, Sungzoon Bag-of-Concepts: Comprehending Document Representation through Clustering Words in Distributed Representation Neurocomputing 266(2017) (2017)
51 Jeong, Sihyun ; Lee, Jaehoon ; Park, Junhyun ; Kim, Chong-Kwon The Social Relation Key: A new paradigm for security Information Systems 71(2017) (2017)
50 Moon, Ilkyeong ; Feng, Xuehao Supply Chain Coordination with a Single Supplier and Multiple Retailers considering Customer Arrival Times and Route Selection Transportation Research Part E 106(2017) (2017)
49 Moon, Ilkyeong ; Park, Kun Soo ; Hao, Jing ; Kim, Dongwook Joint Decisions on Product Line Selection, Purchasing, and Pricing European Journal of Operational Research 262,1(2017) (2017)
48 Hwang, Kyoungmi ; Lee, Kyungsik ; Park, Sungsoo Variable selection methods for multi-class classification using a signomial function Journal of the Operational Research Society 68,9(2017) (2017)
47 "Ata A. Taleizadeh, Optimal Decisions of Price, Quality, Effort Level, and Return Policy in a Three-level Closed-loop Supply Chain based on Different Game Theory Approaches European Journal of Industrial Engineering 11,4(2017) (2017)
46 Misuk Kim, Seokho Kang, Jehyuk Lee, Hyunchang Cho, Sungzoon Cho, Jee Su Park Virtual Metrology for Copper-Clad Laminate Manufacturing Computers and Industrial Engineering 109(2017) (2017)
45 Kyoungmi Hwang, Dohyun Kim, Kyungsik Lee, Embedded variable selection method using signomial classification Annals of Operations Research 254,1(2017) (2017)